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PsdSlicing terms of service


By submitting an order you implicitly agree to our terms of service. We reserve the right to change our terms or service without notifying any members of your company or any clients, leads or other people involved. If not otherwise stated days refer to business days.
This site is governed by Romania's current laws and no other laws of different countries, states or cities.
We reserve the right not to work with unprofessional clients or companies.

A quote is valid for 1 business day from the time it's posted. We reserve the right to change any quotes deadline, budget and to add or remove any additional notes.

An order is a project sent to us with a clear and fixed project scope, without any ambiguity about what should be delivered and how it should be delivered. The project scope shouldn't contain any questions or open-ended sentences.

A project begins after we confirmed, we received the down payment and we updated the project status.

Terms used

Deadline - The time we estimate the first delivery of the project
Delivery time - The day we fist showcase our work
Support time - The time we offer customer care, revisions and technical support
Project scope - The scope of a project, including any extra features with everything noted down in our notes section
Revision - Any number or list of changes or bug fixes within the project scope
Feature request or Change request - Any changes requested which is in the project scope
Payment - A sum in a monetary value, which was send by you, received and confirmed by us

Use of information and files

All the information collected from clients will remain confidential.
Your personal information will not be disclosed to others or used in commercial purposes.

All project related files will be deleted 1 business day after the project support period has expired.
All the files received from customers will be used only for their intended purpose.
The files will not be revealed to other persons or used in commercial purposes without your prior written approval.


The default support period for projects is from 1 business day to maximum 1 month from the time we first delivered the project. The support period is started on the business day we deliver the project first time.

All changes and future request that were not part of the original project scope are not part of any revision and are charged using professional fees. Their completion depends on our workload and ability to resolve them.

PsdSlicing makes all efforts to deliver the files within the specified time frame and without any errors. We do not accept or compensate for any responsibility for any kind of loses due to delivery delays, malfunctions or modifications of the files.


If the final payment is not received and confirmed by us within 1 week after the first delivery of the project, then we offer only 1 free revision within 1 month.

Upon the confirmation of the full payment by us, we offer unlimited free revisions (including any previous revisions) for 1 month starting from the first business day we first delivered the work. All the revisions which are requested are completed in a reasonable time, based on our working schedule, workload and the complexity and time of the work involves.

Revisions requested after or on the last business day of the support period are not free regardless if they are part of the project scope or not. For revisions that are requested after the support period require an additional fee. The after-support revisions are quoted based on our professional fees.

If one bug within a revision can't be dublicated locally by us, we will take an extra step and find alternative solutions to resolve it. This usually means that we need more time to resolve it. If with the alternative solutions the bug can't be confirmed by us, then it's considered an isolated and local bug, which we can't fix.


Upon ordering from us, we require a 50% down payment to start to work on your project.
In case of multiple projects, we require a 50% down payment for each projects to start.

Returning clients are not required to send the 50% down payment. In this case we can only release our work upon full payment.

In case of returning clients who send full payment upon placing an order, the work will be released on completion.

When we first showcase our work we require the final payment within 1 week.
If no final payment is sent after the first week on showcasing our work, we reserve the right to:

- delete the project files
- not to do business with the client, the clients department or company
- not to answer for any emails, live chat's messages, if they are not intended for payment resolution

If the payment for the final work was not released, but we got notified of the problem, we reserve the right to release or not release the files on a case by case basis.


Upon starting the work we can't refund the 50% down payment.
You can get a full refund if you cancel an order before we begin working on your project.
To get a refund send an email with the "Refund:" subject, the project name, the sum and the reason why you requested it.

We reserve the right to deny some refund requests if we have strong reasons to believe the requests are unfounded.