Only $60/page

About PsdSlicing

We deliver quality work, value added support and flawless customer service above all. 90% of our clients return to us with new projects. We prefer to work on large HTML/CSS projects.

Why choose PsdSlicing™ ?

  • Quality HTML & CSS Coding We write elegant and usable markup
  • Reliability and support Our coders have a solid 5 year experience
  • The unique experience and customer care We reply, provide support and talk within 24 hours

With 4 years of experience behind us we can resolve any type of HTML & CSS bugs. Our coders are certified web developers.

We are detail oriented, code hand written markup and deliver fast. We create code that is easy to use, update and to work upon. We deliver elegant and semantic HTML and CSS code.

The unique process

  • Workflow:

    • Client places an order
    • Client makes 50% down payment
    • We confirm and talk in our client extranet
  • Management:

    • Start working on the project
    • Does markup, functionality, internal testing
    • Sends the project to the QA team members
  • Quality Assurance:

    • Checks the code's quality & consistance
    • Improves the HTML & CSS coding quality
    • Approves and sends the work to the client
    • Does the revisions requested by the client